January Update

Up-Helly-Aa -  It's January and for tourism in Shetland that means the Lerwick Up-Helly-Aa fire festival on Tuesday 31st January.  I am intending to run some tours around that time, specifically Monday 30th January and on Wed 1st and Thurs 2nd February. Weather permitting of course!  Take a look at my tours page for more info.   To learn more about the festival there is no better place to start than the official site at www.uphellyaa.org

Website plans - A new year has set my mind on planning updates and improvements to this website which has been quite static for some time now.  An external blog separate from the website will be coming soon and of course you can always see more regular news, comment and updates on social media. You can find me on Facebook as @islandtrails.Shetland and Twitter under @Island_Trails.

Winter Tours - Please note that I am available for tours over the winter months and during this time am usually available with a couple of days notice.  Over December and January so far I've been privileged to guide visitors from as far away as Norway (not very far from Shetland!) California and Northern Argentina.

Lambing Time - I will not be available for tours from mid April until about the middle of May but will have another guide covering some small group tours.  So it's a limited service for a few weeks and if Island Trails can't do it then I may be able to refer bookings onto someone else who can.  I'm glad to have a few other independent guides who can help me out when needed and to be able to do the same for them.  I guess we could call it friendly competition!

Travel Tip - if you are  planning to visit Shetland over the summer months it's a good idea to book your travel and accommodation in plenty of time to time to avoid disappointment.  There is a Shetland accommodation online search facility at www.shetlandvisitor.com/search

Wishing all my customers and website visitors inspirational, fun and safe travels in 2017!